Love letter *rejected*
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 | 11:48 AM | 0 comments
Why do I feel a constant pain day after day...

Feelings of insecure, unappreciated, unloved, being hated or disliked, apparently all the negative things combined together to become this big bowl of soup that went horribly wrong. 
Not a good taste !

I feel horrible and utterly miserable if I think about my future. Will I have a decent social life or will I just stick with chasing my own dreams to become one of the legendary surgeons in the world or perhaps both? I'm not even certain with what I want or where I'm heading. The thought of choosing the right path and will I ever certain it was right in the first place taunts me every single day.

I'm just not very sure of myself anymore. My confidence has somehow faded away.  

Trust | Faith | Loyalty | Love 

Please give me one more chance. A chance to truly live ! 

Yours truly,
Nada Haris // Scarlett Spell

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