#Quickupdate Respiration difficulty by Med Azhar problems
Thursday, May 1, 2014 | 2:25 AM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum, aloha ~

what a pretty lung they said

Well you know, I have this upcoming finals starting this May *krik krik*

(actually the prac exams eady started, well you know Azhar)

In fact ! I have Histology prac exam this 3rd May. Oh goshes me.. Well well well... Pray for us and bittaufiq wannagah uolls *grin stupidly*

The revision that dukturah(s) made the other day was really helpful. Too bad for those who skipped the previous class. For those who missed a lot & daydreaming during lectures like mua, the revision class was definitely a life saviour especially for me ! The dukturah did their best to brief all the lectures regarding to practical into just this one class. How great the dukturahs of Azhar are !

Even though some dukturahs are very scary like this one particular dukturah I knew, lalalala...

Aha okay back to topic again, respirationnnnnnn. Oh god
[ Physiology written exam on 10 May :O ]

I've been digesting this one branch about two days now. I thought 16 hours of studying just respiration would be sufficient. Oh I was so dead wrong ~

To understand is one thing, to remember is another thing. But to do both in just this short two days ! Exhausted !!

Allahu, pls give me strength to study well plus great in this particular branch. Ameen

Please o please 'Respiration', pls give your complete and utter cooperation. Just give me in this short period to understand you ! Dr Nagwa, maalish dukturah, for I have lost & forgot about your lectures. Ana asif giddan :(

Forgive me...

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