Ya rabb, the pain of a broken heart is unbearing
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Hello how're you? It has been a long time since the last update. About a year & 1/2..

A lot has happened..

-SPM result
-18th birthday
-Azhar, Egypt (current)

Life in Egypt as medical student of Azhar has been quite interesting. Definitely an adventure worth taking ! 

I've learned to live the truly live, to love the truly love, to hurt the truly hurt and to forgive the truly forgive..
Allah, too many memories you gave me in just these few months here in Egypt. 

The smiles you gave, the tears you made, the laugh you blessed us with. There's too many of them. All of the memories flashing right in front of my eyes. Streams of tears flowing as of this very moment. Slowly the tears drop by drop falling to the keys of this laptop.

Why I'm shedding tears? Cause I witnessed the wonderful bliss Allah gave to this humble servant. 

To relive the memories we've shared, oh the wonders ! 

The other day during my usrah with my naqibahs, 

She quoted surah Al-Asr,

This is the second shortest surah, after surah Al-Kawthar.

The surah teaches that all mankind are in loss, except those who believe in God, do good deeds, remind others of the truth, with patients and steadfastness...

Many did not realize the significance of this surah. Even these 3 ayah are very short but have a very deep meaning and yet most people failed to truly understand ayah by ayah. 

Even myself not quite fully understand. But still, we have to give all of our effort to understand the Quran. Allah knows who tried and those who don't. Wallahu'alam..

Back to topic, she also quoted :

We have all the time and yet we still say 'we have no time'. Time is there even before we've born. Time is still there even after we died. We live together with time. All the memories we've gained also live with time. After we're gone, poof ! We just gone.. 

But time will keep on continue. Some say the memories may live longer than the time itself. Wallahu'alam...
Those very words still haunt me until now. All she said was true indeed. Let us pray, may Allah ease us and will not let us be in vain. Ameen

p/s: the title of this post is related with the content. Thankyou

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