Chapter 1: Fresh Start 2013
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 | 6:13 AM | 0 comments
It has been a long time since my last one. This is the first for this 2013.
This year, too many life changing experiences has happened. For instance, I have finished my school years as a student in SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. Yeah I miss the moments but its not enough to make up the mental suffering that has cursed upon me.
Its true. The people who been there for me during the school years should be credited and appreciated. My classmates. They're been so nice to me. I can't deny that I love them endlessly.
Then again, I also can't deny the mental torture I suffered from them. The secrets I kept are never revealed. The voice inside me screams to speak the truth. I am different. I'm known to be so different from them, physically and mentally. The way they treat me as I was passing by in their lives. If they deny, their actions already say it all. I can't blame them. I was acting so distant for these past couple of years.
I'm not pathetic. I can stand by my own two feet. At least now I can. Thanks to them, what I knew now is what I should or shouldn't do in the future. Among them, there are a few people who are true. Comforting me when I'm low, consulting me when I lost hope. They are true. I love them so endlessly. A guy or girl. I thank you sincerely. After the event, I will disappear. Just know that I will find my happiness. I wish for you to find yours. Goodbye my past.


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