Bloom - A Miraculous Escape
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   I listened to her words with excitement about her best friend gave her a Louis Vuitton bag specially from Paris. I felt envious towards my little sister of how she and her best friend were closed like twin sisters. I once had a dearest friend whom I could hold tightly and pour out my feelings to. Her name was Bloom. She was a beautiful and elegant lady just like her mother with her Carribean blue eyes, skin fair and white as snow and her lips were red as blood. Anyone will be awed by her magnificent beauty. She was not only pretty but kind too. I was so lucky to have her as a friend but one day, everything changed.

   Bloom was driving about 120 kilometer per hour in her red Ferrari car at the expressway. " Paris, turn up the volume. This is my favorite song. I catch a grenade for you... " said Bloom while singing a Bruno Mars's song which was a hit back then.  " Fine then. I don't know why you love this song so much. I mean really, who would want to catch a grenade for someone else? The grenade will explode and the person will die in vail. " I said it with annoyance. " You know Paris, I'm willing to catch a grenade for you. You're my best friend. I would do anything for you even if it means putting my life on the line." I was touched by her words. I almost shed tears. There was silence. 

   The journey was uneventful from Johor to Kuala Lumpur but suddenly Bloom had lost control of the car as one of the rear tyres suddenly burst. The car veered across the lanes, hitting the crash barriers in the middle of the expressway, bounced back and then overturned, hitting the crash barrier again before coming to a complete halt upside down. The passing cars gawk at the scene. The car was a complete wreck. Glass and pieces of debris strewned onto the expressway. The middle section of the car was terribly crushed, missing my head only by inches. Miraculously, Bloom and I were still alive!

   The first helpers came and tried to get us both out. Unfortunately, the handle of the car was badly crushed. As our nightmares could not get any worse, the fuel tank was leaking, Any moment, the car would explode. I took a deep breath and kicked the door with all my might. Eventually, the door banged open. I pulled out my seat belt successfully and then I tried to pull out Bloom's seat belt too but it won't budge. We panicked. I pulled out the seat belt with all my heart but with no avail. Then, suddenly Bloom said " Paris, just get out now! Get out now while you still can. Remember what I just said about catching a grenade for you and that. Well this is the time I prove it to you. Go and don't look back! " I was stunned.

   This could not be happening. I won't let it but Bloom suddenly pushed me hard out of the car and the helpers pulled me to the grass verge. Then I heard Bloom's voice saying " I love you, Paris and you know that. " said Bloom with a hush voice while tears running down her cheeks. The next thing I knew, Boom! The car exploded along with my dear Bloom. " NO BLOOOOOOM " I screamed on top of my lungs until I passed out.

   Since that day, all of my days seemed empty. There was a hollow space inside my heart and soul. Bloom, how could you abandon me all alone? I was devastated and depressed. My parents were worriedsick at my condition so they took me to see a psychiatrist. Thankfully, after all those years of therapy, I finally accepted Bloom's tragic death. I know now, she sacrificed herself for my sake. The thing I regretted most was if only there was another way. " Bloom, I love you and you will always be right here in my heart. " smiling towards the sky with a deep love for a best friend. 


Written by,
Nada Haris.

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