Chosen To Be Torment.
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 | 4:27 AM | 1 comments

Hey everyone ! So what's up? 

Okay something is freaking weird happened to me last 26 July 2012. Seriously I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believed my eyes. Is this a freaking nightmare? If it is, I really want to wake up right now. This is beyond torment. Face fact? No way. I can't. No I won't face fact that I got the offer to join PLKN. That's horrifying !

Who in the world would not be shock to be chosen in PLKN? Tell me who?! Of all people, why in the heck they chose me? Come on. I've been good this year.

At least I think so.

Yeah it's true, many that I knew who got PLKN. At least there will be some faces that I was familiar with. But still, it put me in an awe. Even my cousin got the offer too. 


My mom / teacher / crazies / girlfie / boyfie / cheekie / cookie. Okay I exaggerated it a bit, no cookie. Cookie can't talk. At least mine couldn't. I don't know about your cookie though. Mind your own cookie.

Okay back to the topic. They said :

"Nada, take things positively. You'll be amaze what that attitude can bring you. Who knows, maybe you got that shooting skill that you always wanted. At least maybe you'll find your soul mate there."

"Woo hang in there. Got skills I can tolerate. But if you say I go there to find my so called soul mate. Sorry, not in a million years. I don't want to get married. At least not now."

"Yeah right. If you met your soul mate and you agree to get marry with him. I'll be the first one to say 'I told you so'. Haa haa !"

"Pfftt... Whatever."

Oh god ! Give the strength. 

I don't want to think about it. Not now for that matter. I want to focus for my upcoming trial spm. 

All this commotion give me a headache. 

See ya later guys. Its almost Maghrib. Waiting for the Maghrib's azan. 

'Selamat berbuka puasa' everyone. 

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