Door of Memories
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 | 5:57 AM | 0 comments

Happy Ramadhan everyone :) Its been awhile since my last update. Today is 4th Ramadhan. Wow time sure flies by fast. Fasting so far quite okay. Still energetic! 

However, my blood pressure will rise high this month because of PLBS (Ujian Lisan) Pendidikan Quran As-Sunnah, Arabic and Kkq. Arabic and quran sunnah already settle but now I still have to tasmi' hafazan for Kkq. Surah Al Munafiqun, Yasin and Al Mulk. Oh god! Give me the strength to hafaz your Holy Quran. It gives me shivers when I think about how I did my Kkq when I was in Form 3. So horrid! *facepalm*

But still its kinda okay this way. Although everyone pressures about this upcoming trial, life kinda work its way on its own. I can still laugh frantically with my nakama. Together giggled, laugh, cry, stress. Those were the moments. When I sit alone and think about those moments, I remembered my old nakamas. I miss them terribly. I wondered do they still remember me or I had been buried at the graveyard of their hearts. Its kinda awkward trying to remember their faces again. Nur Ilya Melissa (known as Lyssa), Nuradiba Yasmin (known as Deeba) and Zarith Nur Syakira (known as Zara). 

I hope wherever you are out there, you wouldn't forget this crazy, maniac, loud, freakish Nada Haris as I still remember you :') But I understand if you don't want to have any relation with Nada Haris anymore. I won't force you. You have someone new in your life. Don't hesitate to forget who I am. I will walk away from your door of memories... 

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