Change is Good.
Thursday, July 26, 2012 | 2:57 PM | 0 comments

Happy Morning Freaky Friday everyone! (note that now its 5.44 am). Just finished sahuring plus showering. So I just had to do something instead of watching tv (or more like the tv is watching me -,-). So I just browsing, scrolling, looking, browsing some more and breathing *inhale*. Then something just caught my attention. A poem about change. Its meaning really deep woo. It touches my heart  *fuiyoo* *rolling eyes*.

Feeling comfortable in your controlled surroundings. A generous earthen terra cotta pot is securely holding. Bolstered in seasoned soil that is a careful mix of blending. Watered uniformly when drought weakened leaves are folding.

All is well in this restricted environment of dependency. Until the confines of security begin to slowly suffocate. All exploring tendencies pale and wilt lush vibrancy. Fertile soil is now depleted as roots fuse and stagnate. 

Discarded along with tiresome trash lacking admiration. Tearfully waning as the noon day sun begins to bleach. Unexpectedly lifted and transported to another location. Wearily succumbing …incapable of recognizing speech.

Waking drowsily with the unfamiliar emotion of hoping. Realizing you are recovering after a successful repotting. Transplanted into fresh new dirt …you’re no longer moping. Your rejuvenating growth indicates you are no longer rotting.

Copyright by : Theresa Ann Moore

Yours sincerely,

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