Mentally Tortured
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Assalamualaikum sweethearts

Torture. That one particular word can give massive impact toward an individual.

There are various types of torture.
  • Blunt trauma; crushing injuries, whipping, beatings
  • Penetrating injuries; gunshots, shrapnel, stab wounds, slash cuts
  • Suspension
  • Burns; chemical and thermal, cold and heat
  • Asphyxiation; wet, dry, chemical
  • Electric shocks
  • Forced human experimentation
  • Traumatic removal of tissue and appendages; via either direct avulsion or explosion 
  • Extreme physical conditions; forced body positions (prolonged constrain) and extreme heat/cold conditions
  • Sexual torture; sexual humiliation, trauma to genitalia, rape
  • Mental torture; direct threats, sensory deprivation, solitary confinement, mock execution, witnessing torture, uprooting 
Mental Torture

Almost all victims of torture suffer some from of mental torture. Direct threats to him/her or to a relative are by far most common form of torture. Other forms of mental torture include sensory deprivation, poor conditions during detention, mock executions, long interrogations, and being force to torture another person, witness the torture of another person, or watch killings and rapes.

Sensory deprivation includes detention in complete darkness, exposure to bright lights and constant noises or sleeping deprivation. Lack of food, potable water, toilet, bed windows, aeration, medical care and communications are example of poor conditions during detention. 

Anyone can suffer from mental torture. It didn't care age, sex, race or religion. Students in primary, secondary or even high school also can suffer from these kind of torture. Majority cause of mental torture among school students are indeed from school or at home.

Experience of someone who had suffered from Mental Abuse

The story goes.....
It started when we were married. The constant correcting at first...then the easy to anger...the constant arguing and NOTHING not even taking the blame would end it. All blame shifted to me. You ask...what did we argue about. ANYTHING...he would argue about ANYTHING and little things. Like not putting my shoes in the closet or not buying the right food. Now, it's not a little argument like..."please put your shoes in the closet"...and I say okay and that's it no...everything is a huge ordeal...this is what all of our fights were like...him: "Why are your shoes not in the closet?" "Oh, um..I'm sorry...will take care of that right now"...him: "but WHY (now yelling) didn't you do that?" "So sorry...I don't know why...must have slipped my mind"...him: "now repeating me and making fun "must have slipped my mind" (but oh no, not over yet) me: "could you please not make fun of me and stop yelling before you wake our children?" him: "I can do whatever the hell I please!!! And I am NOT raising my voice!!!" (now in my face) me: "I don't know what to say...I am sorry...I can't take what I did...please forgive me and I will work on not leaving my shoes outside the door anymore" him: "Quit saying I'm sorry!! I'm sorry doesn't cut it!!! (yelling more) me: (I say.."okay" and walk away) him: "Great!!! Great job fixing the issue!!! Just walk away!!!! Sometimes he follows me and yells some more...sometimes I go into a panic attack...sometimes my 6 year old gets in between and tells her Daddy to quit it. the midst of a fight I got up and said I had enough. I walked away and then...he grabbed me, spun me around and through me on the couch...I never thought he would do that. I said..."I can't believe you did that...I can't believe you did that..." he left for work...I left with the kids...we lived with our friend for 3 mother came in...all ready to help me divorce...then he moved out and I moved back and guess what??? He's here...downstairs on the couch. He's really sorry...crying even...says he will go to church with me and go to Dr. Stosny's boot camp in Maryland. Right now, I want to believe...but it's been 17 years...I have cried so much...wished for death....locked myself in rooms while he pounded the door...this will all change??? I believe in God and I know through God all things are possible...but...he's not God. I feel weak...for my children...but I have a little hope that he will change....maybe I am just an idiot.

Everyday we face these kind of torture. So be careful, you'll never know you might be the one who will suffer the same fate. :)

Story credit to : Experience project
Facts credit to : Mental Torture Facts

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