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Saturday, June 2, 2012 | 9:12 PM | 2 comments
Assalamualaikum sweethearts ;) 

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you no matter what,
Hoping to be love by you.

Roses are white,
Violets are blue,
I am what I am,
I'm just FreakyAmazing without you.

Heyy, I'm back. Happy Holiday everyone. So are you having a blast holiday? I hope so. Unfortunately, I'm having a horrid holiday of my life.

5 years of teenage waste, I've been friends with many kinds of people. Happy go lucky, Friendly, Cheery, Fury  and etc. They have been so nice to me. At first, the friendship was so sweet as honey in a beehive but everything's change since we set foot in our senior year. This year, I've learn the value of true friendship. Surprisingly, I didn't learnt from people whom I known since I first step foot in that school. I learnt from the people whom I treated as my dear friends but now its looks like the beautiful colored friendship had faded away. They seem pretty occupied with the glamour world that I assumed they could resist. They had pushed me to the side bench just to let me watch their attitude towards overdose hormones. They already knew guys and ways to flirt with them. 

I was so depressed. I've been silent for the past months but I'm tired of it. 

I thought they would change but it was hopeless. Then I realized, its not them that need to change. It is my idiotic self. I don't need to wait for them. I need to change my ways for the sake of my future. I have to forget them and start to focus on myself. This is my last year. My senior year. The biggest examination that determines my future from zero to hero, secretary to doctor, jobless to lawyer. Forget them. Be independent and eventually there will be someone somewhere that I don't need to pretend. The people that you once knew is used to your absence. So why I need to stand them just to be condemned? Forgive and forget. 

To anybody, if you have someone who so called "friends" like mine. Forget them. Let them be in their own fictional world. If you have someone that loves you just for who you are, appreciate them. Don't let them slid away cause you'll never know when you will meet someone awesome as your friend. To haters, shut the hell up okay ♥ 

Okay, enough jibber jabby. I want to introduce you to awesome bloggers who generous enough to throw a giveaway to  Top Referrals.

If you want to join, click that awesome banner above. But wait, there is a catch if you want awesome gifts.

Terms and conditions apply:-

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  • In addition, you can put their banner giveaway in your blog. *refer to their blog
I stand here not as their advocate but as one of their contestant who would love and greatful to win their giveaway. Oh I wish, Amin. It is such a waste of you didn't join their giveaway.

To MizzsNinieCikMun and DrFara

It is a pleasure to know you bloggers and hope we can be acquainted. I'm here happily join your giveaway.

My victims are: *mwahahaha

Bubye sweethearts. I need to vamooss. I have my assignments need to be done. So hope to see you soon ツ

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