5 Reasons why I follow ;)
Monday, February 6, 2012 | 8:58 AM | 0 comments

Hello fakers and hatersThis topic sounds a bit hot? :D

Ahaa, I want to make a statement why 'I follow you' *dingg :) I'm attracted to tell you this because someone said 'eleh, kau follow banyak banyak n then harap dia orang follow blog kau, puihhh' -.-

Sorry to say anon, that's not why I followed. I follow because:-

1. His/her entry is very interesting and informative !
    -If you can't make post interesting to read, well up to you but don't complain 'awhh, napew owg tak follow iteww' :)
2. He/she is very friendly and 'sangatlah baik budi bahasa' 
    -Ahaaa, these kind of people I really like to contact with. He/she always says hye's and respect others. :)

3. He/she didn't use 'bahasa wempitz' in his/her entry
    -People who like using 'iteww, napew, cayank' really annoys me. What you don't know normal Malay or English language? We Malaysians, of course have to be proud of our language and very fluent in foreign language. Don't ruin the language that your ancestors use man. So ashamed !

4. He/she always say 'thank you, :)' 
    -I like them a lot. They look so cute ! I just can imagine they actually said thank you with a warmful and sincere smile. Flashes their white and shining teeth. Ain't that cute? :)

5. His/her blog is very neat, simple, beautiful and good to look at.
    -Many people accomplish this. They are very creative to design their own site. Simple and yet beautiful ! I don't like seeing things messy :)

See, its not a big deal right? I'm just being honest. I'm not arrogant to say hye or follow anyone. Its just up to me, and me alone :)

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