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Thursday, December 15, 2011 | 11:29 PM | 1 comments
Assalamualaikum ! hye hye ! nice to see you again :)

ermm.. Happy Friday you all ! Today I wanna make a segment called 'SEGMEN | i l o v e m y b l o g' .
okayy this segment is OPEN TO ALL BLOGGERS . yeayy, boleh join ramai ramai.. hehe..
Interested ? okay follow the steps below :

1 . Follow blog Nada Harrison n Nayli Harrison  step ni tak wajib tapi amat amat digalakkan hee ~

2 . Make one entry with a tittle :
' SEGMEN | i l o v e m y b l o g '

3 . Put the banner above but I already disable right click so CLICK HERE !! to copy. kalau boleh link kan ke entry ni supaya ramai orang boleh join :)

4 . Things you should tell in your entry :-
i . What's your blog title ?
ii . Do you love your blog ? 
iii . Are you satisfied with your blog ? if no, tell what you're not satisfied about :)
iv . What's the reason you create your blog ? fame / fortune / fun / OR PAPE JE LAH REASON KORANG :)

5 . Done ? leave your link at this entry 

6 . Entry tak semestinya dalam bahasa inggeris. Bahasa Melayu pon boleh. I l o v e M a l a y s i a :)

7 . Anyone can join . teramat amat dialu alukan :)

*THIS SEGMENT CLOSED AT 10 o'clock 16/12/2011 (tonight)

So what you're waiting for ? Let's join ? Next  time I list the blogs who have join so everyone could blogwalking and follow ramai ramai ok ? Jom lah join ramai ramai.. Eratkan hubungan silaturrahim ^_^

Thankyou :)

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