okayy i a m b a c k
Monday, December 12, 2011 | 3:58 AM | 0 comments
hey hey ! miss me ?

oh god ! I'm so tired ~
I just got back from K. Rompin, Pahang

wondering what I'm doing there ?
another HOLIDAY !

ouh man, the resort is SUPERB GREAT GREAT GREAT !

I mean its totally relaxing
the swimming pool .. the beach .. ouh mann the sea !
totally WIDE open and don't get me started with the waves

I've always wish to know something more raging than my mind
I've finally found serenity and peace for the soul
as I sit there on the sand watchin the waves *tak boleh mandi lah, b a h a y a*
wishing I was free like the waves
to do as I please ~

okay besides that, holiday is not official without a dip into the pool
okayy it was more than dip, we just cannonball there. HAHA
the water is so clear ~
and the best part is not  many people who swim at the pool

just imagine THE BIG WIDE POOL
and you had it all to yourself
its like water heaven :D

Ouh man, the depth of the pool was just perfect
DEEP ! I'm 164 cm and the surface of the water just nearly below my chin
but when it rained, the water rises until above my head

there weren't many people at the resort because its like private n far from the city

ouh wanna see some pictures ?
okayy I'll posted at my next post
not that much but still fun to look at though

*my stomach grumbling* okayy got to go.. my father brought NASI GORENG PATAYA
yeayy.. yummy :9 see ya soon ! :D
this time with some cool pics :)

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