smile full of determination after the betrayal
Friday, December 16, 2011 | 2:04 AM | 0 comments
Yeah, I'm a pathetic excuse for a human girl. I don't know who I am anymore. No one cares if this soul is still living or this body is still breathing. Stop saying 'No no no.. everybody cares bout you'. STOP SPREADING SUCH CRUEL LIES. It hurts when I believed it n it hurts when I know it's all an illusion. What I ever did to you for you to hurt me so bad ? Am I a bad person ? When you're down or when you're lost, I was the first person that you contact. What happen to the girl I know would never hurt anyone because she had felt it ? You're now at the top of you're game but I don't ever want to be part of it if I know you would do something so mean ! It's hopeless to ever hope you will be the old you. hopeless. I trusted you. I believed in you. Forget it. Because of you, I couldn't be myself anymore. My confidence had faded away. I would never put my trust on anyone. All because of you. I'll sit alone at the cafeteria table. I'll study alone at the library. But I don't mind anymore. Yes. I have bigger goals to reach instead of achieving my popularity back. Thanks to you I can concentrate on my studies. No one would bother me anymore. I'll prove the world that you're wrong if you think I would reach my downfall and stayed there. You're wrong ! And that's a promise. I'll prove it to you. I'll prove it to people who believed in your lies. But most importantly I'll prove it to myself. Yeah. To myself *smile full of determination* :)

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