A day with Ombak Rindu ~~
Monday, December 5, 2011 | 4:53 AM | 4 comments
Omigod ! Omigod ! Omigod !

opps sorry, Assalamualaikum sygs !

okayy I know you all wondering why I'm super excited about ?

guess what ? c'mon lah guesss

(obviously you read the post title aight) ;)

I met Aaron Aziz !
okayy not actually met him in real life but in Ombak Rindu

you know what the story about right ?
Ombak Rindu was one of the BEST SELLING NOVELS EVER

you have to read it ! like seriously the story CAN MAKE A MAN CRY xD

okayy bout the movie
ermm, it's kinda different from the novel
it's not like I imagine but it's romantic though

but like seriously I DONT LIKE PART 

okayy  I dont want to say more than that
except respect the viewers man
there's children in there

okayy whatever

oh yeah I didn't went alone dude
I went with my besties Husna n Adiba (also known as Deeba)
my lil sister wanna tagged along too

after we watched the movie
we went to the 'POPULAR' bookstore

I didn't bought anything though

Omigod ! Don't be surprise ah
I do love reading books but none of them caught my attention
I didn't found Sophie Kinsella books anywhere

------ disappointed ------

after that we head to MCD babyy
it was my first time buying without my parents nearby 

*okayy I lied part the first time* haha.. no offense, just kiddin

after we ate, my sister kept buggin me
'kakakkk, nak beli epop ! nak beli epop !'
I said 'urghhh, okayy pergi beli sendiri'
she was like 'yeayyy !'

she went off then I followed her
of course lah I'm not cruel to leave her alone like that. That's Stupid !


then I just had a brilliant idea 
*okayy not that brilliant*

I suggest we go to SPEEDY to pass the time
yeahh we got one hour left 
what better to do than 'usha-ing' DVD's

and I was like Omigod !
I just found dvd 'JU ON'
japanese ghost story !

okayy I know you already watch it
but I didn't okayy

they said it can definitely scare you ! muehehe *devil laugh with a flashlight in my hand*

erm then we head home feelin tired like crazy

okayy enough story, here some pictures to laugh about xD

okayy time ni adik yang curi curi tangkap

alololo.. dia org tak tau pon

alololo tak ready lg.. aku mmg kejam ! muehehe

Nayli, I said smile not epop !

grrr ~ koyakk epop pop tu kang.. jokkin.. weng weng

atototo.. comel la tuh ? haha xd yee comel

comelnyaaa awak<3
lawa dah babe hikhiik ;)
dinng dingg asal ngn aku ? xD
iklan darlinggg (darlie) :DD
I'm a silent photographer

berhimpit dalam kreta otw nak balik cam SARDIN :)
thank you Pakcik Rani cause hantar kami kami pergi dan balik
snap snap !
orang lain tgok, they're liikee say whattt ?! xD
pon pon kreta nak lalu lah ~
bajett muka penat.. mmg penat wooii
okayy ni saja saja.. keh3

------THE END------

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